About CASI

Creative Art Summer Institute will provide opportunities for composers, musician-perfomers, visual artists, poets, and dancers to creative world premiere compositions from the participants and faculty. These compositions together with other arts will be performed at the conclusion of the Institute. Three professors and three students will be writing two compositions each in order to be performed with improvisation by the visual artists and artistic support from poetry and dance.
Another component of this workshop will be exposing Chinese musicians, including composers and artists, to the traditional Classical chamber music repertory, such as Dvorak’s Piano Quintet in A, Op. 81.

In regards to this piece, the English writer Alec Roberston states:

It is simply one of the most perfect chamber-music works in existence… Here there is not a note too many– and there are plenty of notes!- the melodies are of the greatest beauty and freshness, and a joyous springtime happiness flows through the music.

 As a result of this Institute,  these Chinese compositions will be performed in the “Ameropa Chamber Music Festival” in Prague, Czech Republic and the “Musical Bridges Around the World” in St. Petersburg, Russia.


Musically and globally yours,
Vadim Mazo

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